Enid Swimming Babes

Teaching babies to swim

Who are the P.B.S.T.A ?

P.B.S.T.A  - The Professional Baby Swimming Association train infant/toddler swimming and encourage interaction with fellow baby swimming teachers, enabling us to share knowledge and ideas thus promoting communication and unity.

All P.B.S.T.A. qualified instructors are given coarse reviews and updates yearly.
Preferred starting age 6 months to 1 year.

We specialise in teaching babies the following:

·         Water orientation

·         Water awareness

·         Safety skills in, and around water

·         Swimming skills in preparation for the Swimming Strokes

·         Breath control through familiarising the child with submersion

·         Anxiety will be eliminated, confidence will develop, trust will be maintained and breath control will be learned.

The P.B.S.T.A Method of Teaching is the following:

·         Adopting age appropriate skills

·         By routine and repetition

·         With on going progression

·        By rewarding different levels of achievement

Enid Whelan
Email: enquiries@pbsta.co.za
Phone: (013) 254 0029
Cell: 072 651 0092