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Teaching babies to swim

Things to look out for in a good swimming school 


  • Chat to your Doctor or your Pediatrician to ensure that your child has no underlying problem that may be made worse by swimming.
  • Speak to people at your moms group, if you go to one – find out from them who they go to. Word of mouth is a good way of finding out which schools are worthwhile and which are not.
  • Visit several Swimming Schools in your area (Please have a look at our list of members on the Menu). Phone the Instructors and ask if they are happy for you to ‘pop in’ when it suits you. Any Swim School who does not want you to come in and have a look, has something to hide, so be weary of that.
  • Talk to the Instructors, the owner of the school and the other parents who may be sitting and watching. Feel free to ask them ANY questions. MOST IMPORTANTLY ask to see the Instructors’ QUALIFICATIONS, membership certificates and CPR certificates. These should be displayed in, or around, the Swimming School. If the Instructors are NOT QUALIFIED to teach babies DO NOT enroll your baby into that school – it doesn’t matter how many years experience they have, they MUST have a qualification to back it up.
  • If you are able to, watch a few classes. It doesn’t matter if some of the classes you watch are of older children, you still need to see in which direction your child is heading. Pay particular attention to how the INSTRUCTORS handle the children AND the parents – are they genuinely interested in what they are doing, or is it just something to do to pay the bills?
  • Look at the facilities on offer – is the pool clean? Are the change rooms clean? Are there ablution facilities? Is the pool water warm – ask to feel the water? Is there a strong chemical smell in the air? Do you feel comfortable in the environment?

Things to be skeptical about

  • High Instructor-turnover (you DO NOT want to have one Instructor the one week, and then another the next week)
  • Aggressive, forceful, impatient, unstructured Instructors
  • Forceful methods or no structure to the teaching program
  • Classes with a high ‘learner to instructor’ ratio (As the P.B.S.T.A we advocate NO more than 6 moms and babies to one Instructor.)
  • Parents who are continually forced to sit out of sight from the pool area, or who are not allowed to partake in the lesson.
  • Wild Claims – any school who claims they can teach or ‘drown-proof’ your child in a particular time frame, are best avoided!
  • Secretive schools – schools that don’t allow you to have a look at the facilities, are also best avoided. Any school, that is genuinely interested and proud of what they do, LOVE talking about what they do.

At the end of the day it is your child! You need to do what makes you feel most comfortable and happiest!
As the parent YOU have the RIGHT to ask to see the QUALIFICATIONS of all the Instructors who teach at a school, and to ask as MANY questions you want until you feel satisfied they have provided adequate answers!

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