Enid Swimming Babes

Teaching babies to swim

Enid Swimming Babes 4 stages.

Stage 1 - Duck
General contentment and participation.
Prone position – chin on the water. Back – ears in the water.
Retrieve a ring from the step.
Happy to submerge with/without assistance.
Understands turn-around to the side of the pool.

Stage 2 - Seahorse
Holding on side of pool independently.
Jumping off step to teacher/parent independently.
Fall in, submerge, turn-around to face the wall with assistance.
Retrieve a ring with assistance – half a meter.
Independent ‘pulling’ arm motions apparent.

Stage 3 - Frog
Move along side of pool for 5 meters independently.
Independently launch from steps – swim 1 meter to teacher.
Confident to float on back with assistance.
Assisted fall in, submerge, turn around to the side independently, and climb out unassisted.
Face in water, blow bubbles while swimming without assistance.
Retrieve ring 1 meter deep off the step and return to the step, with assistance.

Stage 4 - Dolphin
Jump into pool, turn around, hold onto the side and climb out. (The teacher must be out of the pool)Board kicking – 5 meters independently.Floating/swimming on the back unassisted for 10 seconds.Roll-over with minimal assistance for 5 meters. (The child must initiate the movement)
Swim 5 meters with breathing technique. 

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